We must have looked at over 20 homes in various parts of south Jersey. We were about to give up when we stumbled across CLRE. It just felt right. Since that day in 2010 the experience has been even better than we expected. We have met sooo many new friends and the activity committee does a great job. Our friends and family can come and go without a hassle. We expect to spend even more time at CLRE this summer.

Pat and Mike, site #210

Whether it's watching a beautiful sunrise from your deck, sharing food and laughter with friends, enjoying the tranquility or participating in the activities, Carol Lynn Resorts East is our favorite getaway.

Susan and Moe, Site #314

David and I love the atmosphere at CLRE - a one-hour drive takes us away from our everyday existence and drops us right in the middle of paradise. Belle Plain State Park to our left and the ocean to our right - it is the best of both worlds.

Diane and David, Site #217

We are entering our 5th full season at Carol Lynn Resorts and could not be more pleased with our choice of a vacation spot. We were previously at another site for quite a few years, and therefore can compare. But there is no comparison. Carol Lynn is family owned and operated. This makes a difference in that they are personally invested in their property. The other owners, our neighbors, are all very friendly, and fun. We enjoy our time at Carol Lynn Resorts East!

Don and Ida, Site #308

My 9 year old granddaughter, Jenna, always says to everyone in the pool, "Who doesn't like Woodbine?" We always laugh and repeat her saying in fun. Also, The friendly atmosphere, the great friendships made, and the many new activities that we have available to us come together to make every day a great one in CLRE.

Lee and Wayne Bell, Site #211

My wife and I have been part of the Carol Lynn Resorts East Community for four years. We have met and become friends with many residents including the caring owners Carrol Lynn and Smokey. Once we arrive through the gates our stress level dissipates and the relaxation begins.

Frank and Rosemary, Site #316

John and I have been at CLRE since 2008. Our experiences here have been very pleasant and it's a great place just to kick back and relax. It's our "little piece of paradise". We just love our house. Whenever we have company they immediately remark that they know why we love it so much. There are no fees for visitors like most campgrounds or ridiculous rules. John and I are part of the activities committe and we try to plan a variety of events so that no one is excluded. Everyone here is friendly and sociable. It does not take long to make friends. In the summer the pool is the place to go -we have a blast. At CLRE you don't have traffic to deal with and you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot. You're close enough to the shore points without the hassles. If you want a great home away from home CLRE is the place to be!!

Dolores and John Fiori, Site #209

Moving into CLRE several years ago proved to be the right decision for us.  Our summer retreat is just perfect for us.  We have a great location, great neighbors, and each season look forward to spending as much time as possible at CLRE.  An added bonus is the varied activities that are planned each season.  Something for everyone!!

Bill & Carol Pyne, Site #715